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All that you ever wanted to know about water.

H2O: Chemical compound from hydrogen and oxygen, boiling point = 100ºC, freezing point = 0ºC, highest density of 1g/cm3 = 4 degrees, most important solvent (Encyclopedia).

More than 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water. Covering more than roughly 1,384,100,000 km³ of the earth’s surface, water is the most prevalent natural substance of which 97.5% is salt water in the world’s oceans.

Less than 1% is left for soil moisture content, ground water, lakes and rivers, atmosphere, and living creatures! One water molecule remains in the ocean on average for roughly 3,000 years before it evaporates again. Around 800 Litres falls yearly on 1 m² (in Germany).

Water does not disappear but has been moving in all types of circulatory systems since primeval times.

Worldwide rivers transport 39,000 km³/year, which corresponds to 127,000,000,000 liters per day.