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** NEW parameters on PrimeLab: ID162: Hyd. Perox. HR / ID163: Dissolved Oxygen**

Calcium Hardness
Cyanur Acid
The image shows the BWK 154-1, complete set.




Balanced Water Kits

For Poolwater, drinking water and process water analysis

"Balanced Water Kit" is a combination of the comparator and the special procedures range from Pool-i.d.

Depending on the equipment, the "Balanced Water Kit" set allows the measurement of Chlorine and pH, Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness using the Comparator-Method and Cyanuric Acid using the Tablet Count with the Nessler (Turbidity Method).

The summary of there parametrs in a set is the handiness and the needs of specific users, such asd the boiler industry,owed.