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** NEW parameters on PrimeLab: ID162: Hyd. Perox. HR / ID163: Dissolved Oxygen**

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
EC (Electronic Conductivity)

Image shows the FT11 - Electronic Meter for the measuring pH value in the 0.0 - 14.0 range.


Without requiring additional reagents (tablets, drops, etc.), the Electronic Meters offer an absolutely professional way to measure various water values; such as, for example, conductivity, salinity (total dissolved solids), and pH value. The established value is displayed on the device within seconds after dipping the device in sample liquid. The sensitive electrodes, however, should always be kept damp. They should becalibrated at regular intervals, preferably before each measurement, by using a reference fluid. Both the batteries and the electrodes can be changed. The working range of the Electronic Meter is between 0 - 50°C; depending on the model temperature can be compensated for by determining the measurement value.

Electronic Meter
Pool-i.d.’s Electronic Meter..

Using Pool-i.d.’s Electronic Meters is really easy. After calibrating, the device only needs to be switched on and held in the liquid that needs to be tested – right in your pool if need be (the devices are watertight).

The device determines the measurement value promptly and shows it digitally on the display.
The device should be adjusted/calibrated in regular intervals; preferably immediately prior to each measurement.
This is done by dipping the device in a sachet containing Pool-i.d. reference fluid and then manually turning a small screw to the reference value “turning up” on the display.
This minor disadvantage created by manual calibration is compensated for several times over by the price of this small and convenient device.

Distinguishing Features
All Pool-i.d. Electronic Meters are watertight and can be used directly on-site; such as in the pool itself. Both the electrodes and the batteries can be changed and can be ordered separately. Because they are calibrated manually, Pool-i.d. Electronic Meters are price-effective and are an attractive alternative to current test processes; such as, for example, the Pooltesters or the Comparators. Each meter comes in a leather-like pouch that includes a belt clip.