FD3000 Comparator
Disc for Silica HR
Water-i.d.® comparators provide you with access to professional water analysis. While these comparators are also, like Pooltesters, visual measurement devices, the arrangement of the measured colour to the scale – and the determination of the measurement value – is much more precise with comparators because the measurement is compared on a rotating colour scale (colour disc). there are no measurement results “between” individual colour scales. ergonomic design and high-quality materials also simplify measurements. By using the adapter that is supplied with each comparator, the sample path length can be extended and additional ranges can be measured.

Testparameter Measuring Range
Silica Dioxide HR 0.0 - 100.0 mg/l
Product Nr Type Parameter
PLpow60SilHR2 Silica HR 2 (60g) Silica Dioxide HR
PLpow10SilHR3 Silica HR 3 (10g) Silica Dioxide HR
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Material Safety Data Sheet - PLpow20SilHR1 Download
Material Safety Data Sheet - PLpow60SilHR2 Download
Material Safety Data Sheet - PLpow10SilHR3 Download
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FD3000 Manual Download

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